Why Sailing?

The Secret Benefits of a Sailing Holiday

We’ve been sailing our local waters for almost 40 years, so we’ll give you our word that sailing is an excellent way to see the west coast of Scotland.

But what makes a sailing holiday such an incredible experience?

The Sea is Your Oyster

We harness the power of the wind to take us all over the West Coast. Our yacht can reach remote bays, uninhabited islands and beautiful stretches of coastline, which means we can take you to places you might otherwise never be able to reach.

Sailing lets you change your perspective. The sea is a world without roads. There are no mountains, lakes or buildings in the way. This is your chance to get a taste of freedom.

Sailing is Environmentally-Friendly

We draw the majority of our energy from the wind and the sun, making the Stravaigin a green-minded vessel crisscrossing the seas. As a WiSE-trained boat operator, we know how to minimise our impact on marine wildlife. And our sustainability practices on board ensure that we’ll leave every location we visit a better place.

You can read more about our values and commitments, our eco-conscious practices on board and your impact as a guest with us in our Sustainability section.

Sailing increases your Physical Health

Countless studies have proven that being in or near bodies of water has tangible health benefits. This is the concept of Blue Health. Some of the physical health benefits of a sailing holiday with us are:

  • Increased opportunities for physical activity in and near water
  • The sounds of the weather have a calming effect
  • Going for swims off the boat can increase your blood circulation
  • Increased levels of dopamine and serotonin - our so-called "happy chemicals"

Sailing is Good for the Soul

It isn’t just the body that benefits from being around water - Blue Health also affects our mental health and well-being. The ocean nurtures a sense of calm and reduces stress. It is also easier to make social connections without the distractions of urban environments. Sailing gives you the chance to relax and recuperate.

The healing power of the marine environment should not be underestimated and particularly in these challenging times, we feel the benefit of engagement with the natural environment in aiding mental health.

You can find out more about the tangible health benefits of water here.

It’s a Learning Experience

Sailing on the West Coast of Scotland isn’t just a holiday like any other - it’s an opportunity for you to learn more about the ocean, marine wildlife and the environment. We certainly won’t make you feel like you’re sat in a classroom, but we are passionate about sharing our knowledge about the sea with you.

You can learn how to sail, spot seabirds, whales and dolphins, learn about foraging or Gaelic culture on our special sailing holidays, or just expand your mind by spending time in a new environment.

Convinced that you want to take advantage of the secret benefits of sailing? Take a look at our sailing holidays and book your spot now!

Sailing on Stravaigin, Oban

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